Times Beauty


* Maintain and build upon existing customer contacts and relationships.
* Continue to provide quality services at competitive prices.
* Offer new services that complement existing services by implementing a hair coloring.
* Implement an aggressive marketing.
* Provide turnkey solutions and services.
* Stay abreast of the latest technological changes and market trends and apply appropriate strategies

Our Role & Responsibilities:
Make sure the service is open for business.
Make sure the employees are present on time.
Prepare the deposit and/or take to the bank.
Prepare reports.
Make sure employees are trained.
Communicate with the senior officers of the business.
Interview new employees when needed.
Make sure the business is ready, clean, neat and orderly.
Maintain equipment.
Check equipment to make sure it is in working order.
Make correct any problems and communicate both the problems and corrections with the owner.

Maintain the dress code and cleanliness during service.
Always check the cosmetics before use.
Behave the employ attitude over customer satisfaction.
Count revenue of every day.
Working hours: Monday to Sunday 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.
Employees should report one hour earlier to prepare them selves and have daily briefing.
Employees should leave the duty one hour later to make final checking.
Create Good Relationship Among customers.
Give some basic opportunity to them.

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