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Professional Training & Employment Programme for Women

The future of work depends on the future of women at work

When women are better off, the world becomes a better place for all. Reflecting this reality, 193 countries have included gender equality as a core element of the newly adopted U.N. 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Despite progress in areas such as education and maternal mortality, the world has fallen short in bringing women’s employment, earnings and working conditions in line with those of men. Globally, the labour force participation rate for women is 50 per cent, compared to 77 per cent for men. Yet, having more women in the labour market is not enough. Cultural traditions and economic conditions cannot excuse discrimination and other violations of fundamental human rights. Countries, whether high or low income, cannot any longer afford to lose out on the social and economic potential of gender equality.

Professional courses among women are becoming a popular alternative to academics – the training gives a great advantage. It also allows you to take personal interest and lifestyle choices into consideration when deciding a career path, and goals can be set based on immediate and tangible objectives. You’ll be better equipped to assess your own skills, not to mention better prepared if you are actually talented in the field. As a bonus, you might just choose something you enjoy doing.

Importance of Professional Courses in India:

  • A good training in any of the professional courses listed below gives you the confidence at the workplace and assists you in fruitful interaction with the employer, colleagues and the work force in general.
  • It also increases the thinking horizon by helping one arrange different kinds of activities at the workplace for all the employees.
  • There is another section of a workplace that can be targeted, i.e. behavioural problems. It helps one resolve issues and problems with colleagues and other employees.
  • Beneficial and valuable communication with stakeholders, clients, colleagues is one of the most important aspects that he/she learns on the job.
  • Management India- has compiled a list of careers to choose from according to your interest:
    • Air Hostess
    • Aviation
    • Cosmetology
    • Entrepreneurship Management
    • Fitness Training
    • Infrastructure & Real Estate
    • Hotel Management
    • Event Management
    • Office Management
    • Beautician
    • Nursery Teacher
    • Computers

    We hope you enjoy perusing this list of professional courses and find a career of your choice!

    Documents Required for Selected Candidates:

1) All educational certificate Zerox copy.
2) Address & ID Proof copy.
3) Aadhar No:
4) Guardian’s Permission letter.
5) Reference letter of college/institute director/principal.


Events Management Training & Placement Camp for Women

Training Duration.: 30 Days
Training Fee : Rs-30,000/-
Reporting Off :Patna
Job Profile : Project/Event Management
Working Area : All India
Language : Hindi/English
Total Seats : 20
Training from : 15 May to 15 June, 2022
Placement From : 01 July, 2022

Basic Eligibility:

MBA, BBA, PG, GRADUATE (Any Faculty)
Minimum Height – 5’4’’
Good Communication Skills
Quick Learner
Leadership Quality

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