World Science Exhibition-2022

Thursday, 10 November, Kathmandu, Nepal
Theme-Global Sustainable Development

Objectives of organising World Science Exhibition..
The main objectives of organising World Science exhibitions are:
A) Promoting interest in Science and Technology among younger generation.
B) Encouraging scientific and technological creativity among students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.
C) Providing exploratory experiences, encouraging creative thinking and promoting psychomotor skills among school students through self designed models or simple apparatus.
D) Encouraging problem solving approach and developing appropriate technologies, especially for rural areas and integrating and applying scientific ideas in daily life situations.
E) Popularising Science and technology among masses and creating an awareness regarding its impact on socio-economic and sustainable development of the country.

Who can participate in World Science Exhibition..
Students of any CBSE/ICSE/STATE BOARD schools can participate in the science exhibition. Any student from class 9th to 12th can participate in this exhibition.
Vision of TIMES behind organising these exhibitions..
The vision is to develop scientific temper and 21st century skills that student need to develop.
Theme of World Science Exhibition..
Theme is -Global sustainable Development
Where and how can a school register for science exhibition..
Schools must send a request letter to the Director-TIMES Management, with details of participating students and registration fee.
If school students is not able to participate even after registration? Will the registration fee be refunded ?
Registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Hence no such claim will be entertained by the organisation.
Can a school request for change of region or venue?
No, it will not be allowed and no request regarding change of venue or region by the participating
school will be entertained by the organisation.
What kind of model / exhibit /project a school may submit?
The exhibit/model may be either
(a) A working model (b) An investigation-based project
However greater emphasis may be given to investigation-based innovative projects to kindle scientific method and scientific approach in the students.
How many students can participate from school?
Unlimited students can participate from a school in following mode.
A) Solo Model – Made by single student.
B) Group Model- Made by 2 or maximum 5 students.
Who will bear the expenses incurred in the construction of the exhibit / model ? 
The participating student or school will have to bear all expenses.

Traveling and Accommodation arrangements at the venue city?
All registered students will be given following facilities by the organiser.

A) Free Lodging Facility ( Sharing AC room in a budget hotel)
B) Free Fooding Facility ( Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea & Dinner) No mineral water, cold drinks or special orderd foods will be provided.
C) For Indian participants- From Patna to Kathmandu and Kathmandu to Patna (By Bus) traveling expense will be included. If any student wish to go Kathmandu ,separately by private vehicle or by Air, they will not be paid any traveling expense by organiser.
D) If any family member want to go with the student, the will have to pay separate registration fee Rs-20,000/-          ( Lodging, fooding. traveling & local tour facility will be provided the same as student by the organisation)
E) If any natural calamity or unwanted accidental case occurs during the tour, management organisation will not be responsible for that and participant or guardian or school can’t claim for any compensation.
F) Participant and his/her guardian will have to sign on NO RISK Paper, before registration to World Science Exhibition.
G) If participant want to go with management team, they will have to report at Patna, and they will be given all facility till Patna.

When can get information about hotels ?
You will be given all detail information before 07 days of exhibition.
Who will bear candidates travel and board / lodging expenses?
Travel and board / lodging expenses will be borne by the participants/school only.
What will be the timings of the exhibition?
The timings of the exhibition will be from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Can students leave early or report late on the days of exhibition?
No participant/team will be allowed to report late or leave before 3 p.m. on the days of the exhibition.

Guidelines should be follow while displaying our exhibit..
The school name and title of the exhibit should be displayed clearly. It should be ensured that exhibit is working and functional in case it is a working model and is properly displayed. It should also be ensured that the model is displayed only at the space provided to the school in the correct room under correct theme and sub-theme.

Guidelines should be follow for preparing the models..
You must make sure that your exhibit should not require more than 4’X3′ (approx.) of space for
display. The project/exhibit must be supported with Charts/Reports and other support materials. As
far as possible it should be a working model based on some original and innovative concept.

Who shall participate at the world Science Exhibition from country..
Only selected candidates will be given opportunity from country to participate in the World Science Exhibition to be held in Kathmandu (Nepal) on 10th Nov. on occasion of World Science Day.

Is it necessary to have the same team at national as well as world level?
Yes, schools must ensure that the same group of students/team must represent the school at international level. No request for change of team member will be entertained by the organisation.

What will be the criteria of judgement? Judgement will be based on the following criteria:
a. Students’ own creativity and imagination – 20%
b. Originality and innovativeness in design of the exhibit/project- 15%
c. Scientific thought/principle -15%
d. Technical skill/workmanship/craftsmanship -15%
e. Utility/educational value -15%
f. Economic aspect, portability, durability -10%
g. Presentation -Explanation and demonstration -10%

How many exhibits will be selected for world level from a country?
Maximum 25 exhibits will be selected from a country to exhibit on World Science Exhibition.

What prizes will the participants get if they qualify for the International level?
Winners from country for World Science Exhibition will get a world appreciation certificate and the honour of – School Science Brand Ambassador of Country.

What is the registration fee for national level participation?
To participate in National Level Exhibition, Registration fee will be Rs-500/-
( All participants will be given a Participation certificate and tea/snacks during exhibition)

What is the registration fee for World level participation?
To participate in World Level Exhibition, for selected students from country, Registration fee will be Rs-20,000/-
(All registered students will be given 3 days & 3 nights free lodging, fooding, with local tour facility in Kathmandu)
Are teachers from concern school, allowed to go with them free of cost?
On selection of minimum 10 students, from a school, one science teacher will be allowed to go with them free of cost. (He/She will be given 3 days & 3 nights free lodging, fooding, with local tour facility in Kathmandu) Traveling fare from India to Nepal will not be given by organisers.

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